ProProfs Knowledge Base & Azure AD Integration

Centrally manage user access with Azure AD integration

What Is ProProfs Knowledge Base & Azure AD Integration?

The combination of two powerful tools - ProProfs Knowledge Base and Azure AD is bound to bring you brilliant results. The integration helps you seamlessly manage user access and user accounts from within Azure.

As part of the integration, Azure Active Directory offers rich enterprise-level single sign-on with ProProfs Knowledge Base. This means all your Azure users can sign into ProProfs using their organizational accounts. No multiple sign-ins required!

The best part is Azure AD’s simple interface that comes with step-by-step instructions to integrate ProProfs Knowledge Base with Azure. No hassles and headaches!

Leverage the ProProfs Knowledge Base integration with Azure to manage your Azure users, empower them to sign in smoothly to ProProfs, and fully control their access permissions - all from your Azure portal.

Let’s now look at the benefits of knowledge base integration with Azure.

Features & Benefits of Azure AD & ProProfs Knowledge Base Integration

  • Enterprise-Class Single Sign-On for Secure Access

    Azure’s integration with ProPros Knowledge Base empowers Azure users with single and secure access to ProProfs. Enable your users to sign into ProProfs with their Azure AD accounts. Save them from the hassles of multiple accounts and strengthen your security system.

  • Complete Control Over User Access

    Take charge of which knowledge base sites your Azure users can access. Change the access permissions of Azure users from a single location. Grant or restrict access to your help sites based on users’ position in your organization and the departments they work in. While your internal teams can access the internal knowledge base, the customer support site can be accessed only by your customers and support team.

  • Seamlessly Manage Your User Accounts

    The power-packed ProProfs Knowledge Base integration with Azure helps you centrally manage the accounts of your Azure users. Add as many users as you want or create multiple user groups. Assign them different roles - contributor, editor, or viewer, right from your Azure portal. No switching tabs as you can seamlessly manage all your Azure user accounts from a central location.

Connecting the two tools is easy - follow the easy steps provided in our integration guide and you are good!

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