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Reduce Customer Tickets by up to 80%

Provide instant self-help on any web page

Create an in-app help widget for your knowledge base and help your customers get information instantly. Group articles together in a single widget which your customers can access instantly. Reduce support tickets significantly by up to 80% and delight your customers.

  • Group articles in a single widget
  • Reduce support tickets
  • Delight your customers

Improve Support With Smart Article Suggestions

Make it easy for customers to get what they need

Article suggestions in help widgets

Improve your overall self-help support by providing smart article suggestions to customers. Deliver instant access to your knowledge base articles and make information-gathering a breeze for your customers.

  • Instant access to most relevant articles
  • Provide useful content suggestions
  • Delight your customers with smart support

Provide support anytime, anywhere

Works smoothly on mobile phones and laptops

In-app help widget support

Create a help widget that works smoothly across multiple devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. Provide round the clock support to customers, and empower them to access your help widget anytime and from anywhere. Improve customer delight by making your help widget easily accessible.

  • Provide support on all mobile devices
  • Ensure easy access help widget
  • Increase customer delight

Deliver a Seamless Support Experience

Customers get help when and where they need it

In-app help widget support

Deliver holistic support to your customers. Provide your customers the option to chat and call back in case they don’t find the knowledge base articles useful. Ensure that all their queries are resolved. Deflect customer tickets by 80%.

  • Provide instant help articles right on your website
  • Operators answer only unanswered questions
  • Deflect tickets by 80%


  • In-app help widget article suggestions
    Smart Article Suggestions

    Group relevant articles together for self-help

  • “In-app help widget reduces Customer Tickets
    Reduce Customer Tickets

    Customers instantly find answers on your self-service help site

  • Anytime, anywhere access
    Anytime, anywhere access

    Customers can access information on-the-go

  • Analytics and reports in help widget
    Analytics and reports

    Find what customers are searching for and provide smart article suggestions

  • searchable in-app help widget
    Highly Searchable

    Find answers instantly with a highly searchable knowledge base

  • responsive in-app help widget
    Compatible with multiple devices

    The in-app help widget functions smoothly across devices

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