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Maintain an Internal Knowledge Repository

Create and publish content effortlessly
Create and publish content effortlessly with online enterprise wiki

Build an effective online enterprise wiki that your employees can access round the clock. Create content from scratch or import content from word docs or PDFs smoothly. Let your workforce learn about the developments in a particular project or any general information about your company - HR, legal and employment policies, anytime they want. Infuse a culture of flexibility and convenience in your work dynamics.

  • Zero learning curve
  • Import files instantly
  • 24*7 access

Collaboratively Create & Manage Content

Foster collaboration among teams
Create and Manage Content with Enterprise Wiki

Create, share and manage knowledge from a single location using enterprise wiki software. Boost collaboration among teams and empower them to work cohesively. Keep content well-organized and accessible for all members of the wiki. Monitor who can view or edit what in the online wiki. Assign different roles like administrators, editors and contributors to streamline the process.

Capture Reader Attention With Professionally-Designed Wikis

Create your wiki the way you want
create beautiful enterprise wikis

Choose from a wide array of over 600 fonts and ready-made themes to create beautiful enterprise wikis for your business. Place headers and content easily in the document. White label your wiki by adding custom branding like logos, fonts, color schemes, etc. Create stunning cover pages for your wiki and give it a professional look.

  • 600+ fonts and pre-made themes
  • Customize headers
  • White label

Leverage Over 100 Settings & Integrations

Get valuable insights and reports
Integrate your enterprise wiki with popular tools

Explore powerful settings and integrations with tools like Zendesk, Wufoo, Google Analytics etc. Improve your wiki by gathering feedback from readers. Get centralized reports directly in your inbox. Track user behavior and search patterns and accordingly boost the performance of your corporate wiki.

  • Insightful reports
  • Gather feedback
  • Compelling tools

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