Incepted in 1999, Sycamore Education’s primary objective is to build robust online school management and student information system at an affordable price. Spread in over 42 countries, the firm offers a comprehensive online student management system specifically designed for Pre K–12 schools. Schools continue to select Sycamore Education as their choice of online student management systems because of the richness of features and capabilities that all come with the solution. Sycamore has been praised time and time again for its receptiveness towards customer feedback. This commitment drove it to publish more useful content for their customers.


Our customers wanted a place to search for answers to their questions, read documentation, watch videos, and browse for content. We needed a central system to bring all this content together and make it searchable. Listening to customer feedback is key to us. The built-in feedback feature allows our readers to rate whether the information was helpful and submit a comment about the page. This helps us improve our documentation. Because our product has more than 300 features, we also needed a better way to organize our thousands of pages of documentation.


With ProProfs, editors could easily organize the table of contents by dragging and reordering pages. The publishing capability of ProProfs was another driving factor for choosing the platform since the editor and publishing tool within ProProfs are extremely intuitive and require virtually no training time.


We now have a rich central environment for all our help documentation. Our customers have a self-service area where they can go to search content, watch training videos, and get answers to all their questions. This has greatly reduced the number of support tickets we receive and also improved customer satisfaction.

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