The State of Wisconsin focuses on helping people who were incarcerated or in trouble with the law. The state is applying resources to minimize the probability of repeat offenders. Many years ago, the state began implementing processes for helping offenders move on to more productive lives.


As the system became more successful and the amount of data, processes, programs, and target groups began to expand, we felt the need to have all the activities that are available in a single place. This is where the Electronic Case Management Manual was born.


With ProProfs, we could sign up and start creating content immediately without having to set up servers, bring in developers, or involve the IT department. It was also effortless to use. Within a few hours, a person could sign up and begin authoring content with the WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) editor. Building the Electronic Case Management Manual was very fast because it is easy to create new pages and organize by category in the table of contents.


We now have a central online location for our Electronic Case Management Manual. The manual allows staff to identify the duties and roles in each division, including responsibilities, timelines, form completion, authority, and oversight mechanisms that ensure consistency, continuity, and quality.

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