Spirit Airlines is the ultra-low-cost American airline widely known for its Bare Fare campaign. Spirit’s Fit Fleet is one of the youngest and most fuel-efficient in the industry. Spirit currently operates more than 500 daily flights to 67 destinations within the U.S., Latin America, and the Caribbean.


We began looking for a robust knowledge base to support our customer support agents. Our support staff needed a solution that would empower them to quickly browse and search for the answers they needed when handling inquiries. We needed a knowledge base that would contain guidelines, policies, and training materials – all accessible through a secure login. We evaluated Zendesk first, but we needed a solution that was better organized and searchable.


ProProf knowledge base software’s drag and drop table of contents makes it easy to organize content logically. We also required the content to be easily searchable, so that agents can find information while talking to customers on the phone. Agents are happy with the software’s performance as they could quickly type in questions like “baggage weight limit” and have relevant articles instantly suggested.

ProProfs Knowledge Base software’s steep learning curve allowed more people in our team, such as Analysts and Policy Directors, to contribute to the documentation without any special training.

The Feedback and Rating feature of the software provided a nice feedback loop to the content authors. Customer service agents could rate an article and also provide comments. This enabled authors to keep improving the documentation.

Lastly, we needed a knowledge base that was secure and only visible to our authorized customer service reps. Its Single Sign-On (SSO) and IP Address Restrictions provided this functionality with minimal IT resources required for implementation.


ProProfs now powers our customer service knowledge base. The overall ease of use, intuitive interface, powerful search, and easy authoring made the entire process of knowledge base creation extremely effortless for us. Our customer service agents are now better able to resolve queries by quickly locating the answers they need in the knowledge base.

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