With 20+ years of experience and employee strength of 130+, Smokeball delivers powerful legal technology products that are specifically aimed to help small law firms achieve success. Caring, innovating, listening, and learning are some of the core values our brand stands form. We are a growing company with offices in Sydney, Australia, and Chicago. Our leadership team continually strives to develop a company, culture, and team that share a profound love for the law.



We were previously using Zendesk. Its knowledge base lacked the out of the box functionality we were looking for. We wanted something that could help us add lightboxes for images, embed videos, duplicate pages, create PDFs, and more.


That’s where ProProfs Knowledge Base came to the picture. We can now add lightboxes, popups and tooltips to images, add videos and do so much more. Also, we were using a different platform for e-learning certifications earlier. It was nice to switch it all under one place using ProProfs Training Maker and Quiz Maker.


Our client-facing knowledge base is of significant help in increasing page views and improving engagement rates.

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Duracell ProProfs Knowledge Base Customer
Efficiently handled our multi-user collaboration and concurrent authoring.
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Helped us reduce the number of calls going to the corporate help desk!
Aquent ProProfs Knowledge Base Customer
The system is very intuitive and friendly to use.
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