ServiceSource (NASDAQ: SREV) is the global leader in cloud-based recurring revenue management solutions. ServiceSource has a SaaS application called Renew OnDemand that provides recurring revenue management to sales teams, executives, and channel partners. Its clients rely on Renew OnDemand to maximize sales from their renewal customers. Problem - We needed a comprehensive help and knowledge base for our product documentation. We needed a help site where our users could quickly and easily find information on how to perform sales, operations, and management tasks in Renew OnDemand.


ProProfs allowed us to publish updates to our help website in real-time, as needed, without waiting for a release or relying on engineering support. Our users received the most up-to-date information possible. Each page now has a direct URL, and this makes it convenient for users to share pages and send direct links to new hires. ProProfs made it easy to quickly generate a PDF of the entire help site, which was a requirement for some of our clients. The easy authoring environment created a short learning curve for new team members, as well as minimal overhead for the publishing process.


Our team loves how easy writing and managing content is now, thanks to ProProfs. Everything is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). When creating a new page, adding a screenshot is as easy as copying the image and pasting it in. Our non-technical writers found it easier to use than Microsoft Word. The feedback and rating form on the bottom of each page has been great to get an insight into the quality of our documentation. Our customers loved the search experience offered by ProProfs, its mechanism to copy and share page links, add a table of contents, etc.

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