Founded in 1996 by chemical industry experts, RightAnswer.com began as a custom software development and consulting firm. Today, it is a leader in online regulatory compliance SaaS systems serving Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) markets all over the world. It provides reliable data solutions and cost-effective document support to Chemical manufacturers and distributors, plant personnel, first responders, and research and educational institutions.


We were looking for a way to easily document our software and maintain current documentation for our users.


ProProfs provided us the perfect solution. We used it to create easily maintainable user documentation for our various software offerings. ProProfs helped us create individual sites for different products.


The software empowered us to implement, update, and maintain user documentation with ease and now we are sorted.

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Duracell ProProfs Knowledge Base Customer
Efficiently handled our multi-user collaboration and concurrent authoring.
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Collaboration was a task before. Our team can now work from anywhere, anytime.
Nissan ProProfs Knowledge Base Customer
Helped us reduce the number of calls going to the corporate help desk!
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