ON24 is the #1 webcasting technology firm working on a mission to transform how businesses engage with their audience. Our aim is to equip businesses with the resources they need to create powerful, digital, and personalized experiences that drive revenue. Currently, over 2000 businesses across the globe are using our products to improve engagement with their customers, employees, partners, and prospects. Some of our key clients include Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP, and many more.



The increased market acceptance of our products and our consistent focus on customer satisfaction made it crucial for us to have a central place for FAQs, support, and user guides. We were looking for a cloud-based tool that could help us create a comprehensive help center for our product suite.


ProProfs Knowledge Base enabled us to embed contextual help directly within our application. Now, users don’t have to leave the app or read the documentation to find answers. Within our help center powered by ProProfs, users can click on any page in the table of contents structure, or use the search function to locate a topic. The filter at the top of the table of contents dynamically filters titles of all pages on the left.

Within the help content, hyperlinks take users to either a section within the topic they are viewing or to a new topic. Each topic’s page opens in a separate tab, allowing users to navigate between topics easily.

With ProProfs Knowledge Base, we could create and manage multiple documentation websites under a single login. Each site now has its own branding, URL, and content. We have a separate help center for each of our products now.


Our cloud-based help center has been growing rapidly, with more content being added. Our customers can use it to self-serve and find answers quickly. The best part is that the contextual help buttons in our applications enable customers to find answers right from within the application without opening different sites.

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