Kenco is the largest woman-owned third-party logistics company in the United States. We provide integrated logistics solutions that include distribution and fulfillment, comprehensive transportation management, material handling services, real estate management and information technology—all engineered for Operational Excellence.


In our solutions team, we've gathered a vast amount of information about vendors, innovation solutions and interesting technology, but often that data is not shared as tribal knowledge, stuck in inboxes and stacks of business cards. We needed a way to easily share that information with others on our team.


To start out, one of our small groups began using ProProfs, and quickly created a few dozen articles. Soon, other members of the solutions team began asking for access, and soon, by popular demand, we opened up the site for Editor access to the entire team.

Our previous data repository was very clumsy to use, and as a result, data was rarely updated and thus no one looked at it. Now, creating an article is a piece of cake, and updating an existing article takes just a click.

The worst part about attending trade shows is returning home, having to sort through stacks of business cards, handouts and whitepapers. Now, I'm excited for the next show - we can easily enter information into the knowledge base on the fly, or when we return home. It's a great place to permanently store solutions information, and even if several of us separately visit the same booth, we each can add what we learned into a shared article.


With ProProfs, we've had an explosion in data available to our team; in just a few months, our knowledge base has exploded to over 200 useful articles full of relevant data, documentation, images and video.

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Bob Bednarz
Learning & Development Manager, Smokeball
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Professor Daniel Stein
Director of Technology Initiatives, Touro College.
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23 and Me
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