The Altiscale Data Cloud is installed, configured, ready-to-use Apache Hadoop® cloud. Users interact with the Altiscale service through a gateway machine that provides access to the data and Hadoop-related services in the Data Cloud. Altiscale also offers a web-based portal that provides information on the customer’s data cloud usage as well as access to documentation and support.


Before ProProfs, we were using the Zendesk Help Center. Zendesk works well as a knowledge base, but it’s more difficult to use for user guide-type content, especially for content that needs structure/order/flow between topics. We really needed a solution for procedural documentation where the order of topics is essential, as well as the ability to browse the content set effortlessly.


We were able to integrate the documentation site with our customer portal, including branding the site for a similar look and feel. ProProfs’ integration with Google Analytics allowed us to track customer usage of our content. The ability to have multiple topics open in tabs at the same time is a large benefit. The ability to create PDFs of the content, including subsets of the complete site, is a valuable addition. Also important are the content creation features, which are easy to use and allow multiple authors or reviewers. The ease and flexibility of adding images and especially code snippets was a significant benefit. The ability to have numerous websites made it easy for us to stage documentation before making it available on our production site.


The ease of content creation enhanced our ability to add and modify content quickly and easily, keeping content current for a production environment that is evolving rapidly. Customer usage improved (65% returning visitors). Integration with their Zendesk agent interface has become very popular with our support folks, enabling us to refer customers to the appropriate documentation topics easily. From the customer perspective, ProProfs provided us much better content access (table of contents, indexes) over our previous solution. The results have been amazing - 65% returning visitors, 30-60 sessions per day. No complaints. Our support folks were able to point users to the doc topics.

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