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There are so many things that people don’t know about knowledge base software. This is a bad thing to miss out on because having a knowledge base can help improve your business results in so many ways.

So What is a Knowledge Base?

It is a central depository for information online. It’s simply a large database that has a lot of information that revolves around a certain topic. It is deemed a support knowledge base because people can use it to get important answers to some of the questions they might have in a quick and efficient manner.

When a customer has some questions related to your business and your customer support isn’t working at that moment, the person can simply access your knowledge base online and search for those valuable answers on their own. A knowledge base is one of the most valuable customer support tools you can implement in your business today.

Users can search through them

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Given the fact that knowledge base platforms can be very big and contain a lot of information, it simply means that finding something can be difficult. This is especially true if a knowledge base is old and it ran professionally, meaning that it was updated regularly.

This kind of a platform might contain tens of thousands of articles and it would be quite easy to get lost in this sea of information. This is why all good knowledge base platforms have a search engine similar to those used by browsers.

This allows users to quickly find what they are looking for, which is the ultimate goal. All of the information within a database can be searched, no matter if someone is looking for articles, app notes, manuals or some other documents.

They are always accessible to visitors

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A business organization that has a professionally designed knowledge base can give out a lot of information, both to its employees and customers. Customers often have questions, and even though most of them are less important, if you give them the option of getting an answer to every tiny issue, they will certainly appreciate the effort.

Not only a knowledge base can hold so much information ranging from the tiniest details to major issues, but it’s also available to visitors at all times and they can search even for those incredibly specific answers they need anytime they want. This gives your customers a lot of options.

People call customer support only when they have a big issue, but with a knowledge base they can be as curious as they want and a well-designed knowledge base will always be able to indulge their curiosity. No matter if we are talking about customers or employees, the option to rely on your knowledge base will help them a lot.

Information spreads quickly

All people who can access a knowledge base can very quickly find the information they need if they know what they are looking for. This is the key reason why knowledge base platforms work fast. They search very quickly and find results almost instantly.

Additionally, most self-service help software is very easy to use and people can quickly learn what they can do with them. By just using it a couple of times, people will be able to remember everything they need to know and make the most out of it. Not only does this help customers in many ways, but you can also help your employees with a similar tool.

In order to improve business processes from the inside, your employees need to be able to collaborate efficiently. The faster the information travels between employees, the faster they will be able to come up with a solution and move on to the next issue.

A knowledge repository which is accessible to employees at all times will help in situations when a person has difficulties explaining something, as he or she can use the knowledge base to provide accurate information that might make things clearer to coworkers.

Removes location boundaries

Yet another important thing you should know about knowledge management software is that when it is implemented by a business, it won’t be limited geographically in handling its business processes anymore. Not only can people utilize the same information in the database, but they can also add new information.

They will be able to collaborate on projects, communicate, share documents and edit something, even if they are thousands of miles away from each other. Additionally, a group of people can work on something while others can join in on a project later and find out how far the project has progressed.

What I’m trying to say is that no project will be on hold just because one person is not there. The only thing that you have to do is contact the absent employee and ask him or her to access the database and see what is happening.

With all of the information readily available and clearly displayed, that person can easily understand what needs to be done and suggest the next steps in that project. In most cases, it’s the knowledge of an employee that is important to move forward and the only thing that person needs is to see all the necessary information.


These are four most important things you need to know about a knowledge base. However, there is so much more that a business can do with this software – such as improve customer support, perfect project management, improve communication, train employees or create valuable relationships with its customers.

Still, you should make sure to find a suitable software solution that works well and has all the important features you need. Only a properly implemented and managed knowledge base will be able to give a business desired results. Make sure that you improve your knowledge database regularly and try to make it more useful.

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