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10 Best Online User Manual Tools for 2022

Are you looking for the best user manual software?  Millions of products are launched in the market every year, but only a few of them win over customers. A large part of product success depends on what value your product offers and how easy it is for customers to use.  With user experience becoming the...
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Customer Support Funnel – How to Build and Optimize

It is common for customer-facing departments like Marketing and Sales to base their strategies and decisions on a well-designed funnel.  But, does your job end there? What about the time when a lead finally converts into a customer? -0 That’s when you need a customer support funnel. While the marketing and sales funnel guides prospects...
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Delight Your Customers & Agents With Knowledge-Centered Support

Knowledge is at the heart of customer support processes.  While it makes customers independent problem solvers, it helps agents deliver better and faster customer service.  But, if the right knowledge is not available right away, frustration builds up in both customers and agents, leading to substandard or even poor customer service. And this can cost...
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10 Types of Customer Service You should know

Customer service – these two simple words rule the business landscape today.  A small setup or an established business – there is only one thing that can guarantee long-term survival and success: the quality of the service and experiences you provide.  While it appears straightforward on the surface, the reality reveals a different side of...
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How to Create Product Requirements Documentation

The market is replete with products of all kinds, each claiming to be better than the other.  In such a scenario, where competition is intense and winning customers is hard, how do you create a unique product that gives you a definite edge over what your competitors are selling?  The answer lies in doing the...
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Top 10 Help Scout Alternatives for 2022

Are you searching for the best Help Scout alternatives that can meet your knowledge base requirements?  If yes, you’ve come to the right place! Help Scout is undoubtedly a great customer service tool that offers ticketing as a core service and also supports other offerings, including chat, knowledge base, and in-app messaging.  But, if you...
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The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Policy & Procedure Manual

Let’s admit it. Company policies and procedures can give a hard time to your employees. Sometimes they just go over the head, and sometimes they seem like a bunch of dos and don’ts that are sheer common sense.  But if you think deeply, they are much more than this circle of dos and don’ts that...
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Customer Self-Service Portal: The Present & Future of Customer Support

The advent of self-service is transforming customer support operations in an unprecedented way across the business landscape. On-demand support channels such as customer self-service portals empower customers with the resources they require to solve their pain points as and when they arise.  Research reveals that 66% of the customers prefer self-service options before contacting a...
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Automated Customer Service: Take Your Customer Support to the Next Level

Every second that customers wait for your response, takes them closer to a faster, better competitor.  This is a huge price to pay for delayed responses and less-than-perfect experiences.  But, your agents can only do so much.  Calls, emails, tickets coming from all directions, every minute and every single day, can drive agents bonkers. They...
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15 Saas Support Best Practices to Deliver Incredible Customer Experiences

  $160 billion worth SaaS or Software As A Service is an extremely competitive industry, as more than 16,000 global SaaS companies are attempting to sell their products, retain customers, and expand into newer markets and domains.  With so much competition and a limited market, how can a SaaS company ensure consistent revenues and profits...
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