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One Platform for Multi-Channel Customer Support

Unify customer messages and information across multiple channels
help desk software for small business

An SMB lacks resources due to low capital investment. ProProfs Help Desk software for small business enables to deliver excellent customer support. This one platform for multi-channel support saves SMBs time and effort on different tools. When customer data and support processes are not split across multiple channels, businesses can minimize agent training costs. Agents can track customer conversations and follow up on them with the help of the software.

  • Low-cost but excellent customer support
  • No extra agent training costs
  • Unified customer messages and information
  • Track & access customer conversations

Effective Ticket Management

Optimum distribution of tickets for their effective management
small business ticketing system

With ProProfs Help Desk, it becomes easy and quick for system administrators to assign tickets to agents individually and in teams. Tickets get optimally distributed. Every agent has a balanced queue of tickets for effective management and faster resolution. Besides, it is now possible to set up workflow rules around filters, priorities, and service level agreements. Organize agents into teams based on roles, task assignments, permissions, and expertise.

  • Optimum ticket distribution
  • Effective ticket management
  • Set up workflow rules
  • Organize agents into teams

Reduce Tickets with a Self-service Portal

Self-service center - a key to reduced ticket volume
ticketing software for smb

Agents waste both time and efforts in answering the same questions of their customers. A self-service center, like Knowledge Base, helps customers to get answers to frequently asked questions. Agents become more productive and the ticket number is reduced. When your customers are able to access information anytime, anywhere, 80 percent reduction in support tickets can be noticed. Agents can invest their energies in improving customer experience and making it delightful.

  • Reduced ticket volume
  • Customers can get answers on their own
  • Enhanced agent productivity
  • Delightful customer experience

Track and Measure Agent Performance

Survey customers to train poorly-performing agents
customer service software for small business

Customers can easily and instantly rate their service experience with real-time customer surveys. ProProfs Help Desk comes integrated with Survey Maker, a tool that helps to monitor customer ratings for tickets, chats, and help articles. Capturing customer feedback through customer surveys and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys plays an important role in adequate agent training and improved productivity. Poorly-performing agents are trained to deliver the best of customer support and service.

  • Customer surveys and Net Performance Score
  • Smart reports & analytics
  • Customer ratings for tickets, chats, and help articles
  • Delightful customer experience

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