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Collaborative teamwork with a shared inbox

Sorting, categorizing and assigning tickets made easy

Shared inbox feature of the IT service desk software helps managers, system administrators, and agents to see who is working on what. Admin can easily sort, categorize, prioritize, label, mark, and assign tickets to the concerned individual or team. Tickets can be assigned to a large team for collaborative problem-solving. Canned responses also help to automatically communicate with customers. Tickets are resolved faster and customers feel delighted with timely responses.

  • E-mail-like interface
  • Easy ticket management & faster resolution
  • Canned responses
  • Collaborative problem-solving

Customer Issue Tracking - All in One Place

IT support software for customer queries, issues, requests, and bugs

it service desk software

Issue tracking comes handy with IT help desk support. The help desk ticketing system ensures that no ticket is missed or unattended. Organize, prioritize, discuss, and track customer queries, bugs, requests, issues, and much more - all in one place. Admin can even use labels, internal notes, history, and child tickets to track internal subtasks. Use filters to sort tickets based on priorities, milestone, and status. No ticket is missed, unattended or, unresolved.

  • Single screen to track customer issues and requests
  • Ability to see who is working on what
  • Labels, internal notes, child tickets, history
  • No missed, unattended or, unresolved tickets

Instant Ticket Resolution Through Chat

Customer support made instant and delightful

it support software

ProProfs IT Help Desk Software comes integrated with ProProfs Chat. Live Chat is the most ideal and instant solution to all kinds of customer queries and requests. Agents offer real-time answers to customers’ questions; supporting them as and when they need. You can simply add ProProfs Chat code on the web page and begin chatting with your customers. The software helps agents provide personalized support through chat history with customers.

  • Chat with customers anytime, anywhere
  • Instant resolution of customer queries
  • Easy-to-add chat code to web pages
  • Happy customers and better leads

Up to 80 percent Ticket Resolution with Knowledge Base

Reduce ticket piles with self-serving customers

it help desk support

Reduce tickets up to 80 percent and minimize your support costs with ProProfs Knowledge Base. Our service desk software comes integrated with it. Knowledge Base acts like a self-service help center that allows customers to get answers anytime, anywhere. Create online FAQs, documentation, user manuals, guides, tooltips, and much more with Knowledge Base. Increase the operational efficiency of your agents by saving their time to answer the same questions time and again.

  • Anytime, anywhere access to answers
  • Lower support costs with ticket reduction
  • Easy-to-create online FAQs and guides
  • Enhanced operational efficiency of agents

Targeted Agent Training with Smart Reports and Surveys

Improve your agent performance through customer feedback

The best thing about ProProfs IT Help Desk Software is that it comes integrated with ProProfs Survey Maker. This survey tool helps managers to monitor help desk ratings over time and track their agents’ performance. Real-time customer surveys and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys play an important role to train agents based on customer feedback. Managers can find out poorly performing agents and train them to improve customer service.

  • Monitoring and tracking agents’ performance
  • Real-time customer surveys and NPS surveys
  • Better capturing customer feedback
  • Targeted agent training and management

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