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Easy Collaboration

Customer support teams collaborate through a shared inbox

A collaboration of various customer support teams guarantees a delightful customer service experience. A shared inbox feature helps agents to effectively manage their customer-facing inboxes. Agents can see who is working on what and track customer queries, issues, requests, and bugs. The customer service email software enables agents not to miss on customer requests. Customer’s delight comes from timely responses and teamwork plays a crucial role in doing so.

  • Manage customer-facing inboxes
  • See who is working on what
  • Attend all customer requests
  • Send timely responses

Ticket Organization & Management

Prioritize, label, mark & assign tickets

Employing the email support software enables managers and system administrators to better organize & manage tickets. They can track, prioritize, label, mark and assign tickets to customer support and other teams. Teams can collaborate through internal notes, comments, history, alerts, and knowledge base. Agents can create child tickets for tracking internal subtasks. Managers can even measure a ticket’s resolution time using the help desk software reports and ensure to shorten it.

  • Assign tickets based on priorities
  • Use internal notes & comments
  • Create child tickets
  • Monitor ticket resolution time

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Save time and efforts of agents

Customer service email management comes handy with ProProfs Help Desk. The customer receives an auto-response on new ticket creation. Automation features of the customer service email software also include alert to the customer on user response, new ticket notification, ticket assignment notification, alert to the user on customer response, overdue ticket notification, and alerts received by users on internal notes.

  • Automated responses
  • Save agents’ time
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Delighted customers

Faster Ticket Resolution

Customers receive timely responses

email support software

Our help desk ticketing system enables agents to resolve customer tickets faster. Quick resolution of customer issues comes with prioritization, team commenting and canned responses. As customer emails hit the support inbox, admin managers can assign the ticket to the concerned individuals or teams. No request goes missing and a quick action leads to faster resolution. Setting up workflow rules around filters, priorities and service level agreements also help a great deal.

  • Ticket prioritization & assignment
  • Canned responses
  • No missing on requests
  • Service level agreements

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Awards & Press

Winner: Great User Experience & Rising Star, Compare Camp
Rated: #1 Among Best 20 Support Solutions on Crozdesk
Winner: Great User Experience & Rising Star, Compare Camp
Winner: Great User Experience & Rising Star, Compare Camp
Winner: Great User Experience & Rising Star, Financesonline.com
Winner: Great User Experience & Rising Star, Financesonline.com
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