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Identifying and Tracking Bugs all in one Place

Tracking, prioritization, and management of bugs
ProProfs bug tracking software

Quickly identify bugs, prioritize, and fix them with our bug tracking tool. A single, user-friendly help desk ticketing system helps to track and manage bugs at their best. Bugs need to be assigned on the basis of their urgency and current workload of the development team. With the bug tracker software in place, one can easily manage customer-facing inboxes, like [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], and many more.

  • Easy bug tracking and management
  • Simple to use e-mail-like interface
  • Assigning bugs based on urgency & workload
  • Track who is working on what

Team Collaboration Now Simplified

Bug collaboration features to handle issues productively
bug tracker

Bugs can often be complicated and it is not possible for a single team to fix them. Our bug tracker comes with many collaboration tools. One can add internal comments and assign bugs to product and development teams. Within these teams, individuals can work collaboratively to resolve bugs and close tickets faster. Team’s productivity, thus, increases and customers feel delighted. Besides, child tickets allow agents to get input from different people and teams.

  • Team collaboration helps to close tickets faster
  • Better team productivity and delightful customers
  • Child ticket creation to track internal subtasks
  • Notifying the right people about bugs

Bug Prioritization is the key

Assigning bugs on the basis of prioritization reduces the workload
bug tracking tools

ProProfs bug tracker software allows individuals and teams to first prioritize and then assign bugs depending on their urgency and current workload of the team. Set priorities for each bug, assign them to your team and change due dates as and when needed to accommodate upcoming bugs. Bug and issue tracking tools make it easy for managers and teams to get a high-level view of where their customers face bugs.

  • Bug prioritization
  • Flexibility in assigning and fixing bugs
  • Better understanding of customer issues
  • Efficient teamwork due to prioritization

Never leaving any bug unattended

Bug tracker system to ensure all bugs are tracked down
bug reporting system

A bug tracking tool is designed to easily organize, prioritize, discuss, and track bugs, issues, requests, incidents, and more - all in one place. Not only can individuals and teams track tickets but also, guarantee that no bug is left unattended or unresolved. Product and development teams can use filters to categorize tickets by status, assignee, and milestone. Prioritizing bugs, using labels, status, and child tickets ensures that every bug and issue is resolved appropriately.

  • Track bugs, issues, incidents, requests
  • Use filters to categorize tickets
  • Ensure no bug or issue is left unattended
  • Timely and effective ticket resolution

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