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Collaborate with Shared Inboxes

Help desk ticketing system engineered for customer delight

Easily manage all customer-facing inboxes ([email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] etc.) so you never miss a customer request and always send timely responses, creating delighted customers. ProProfs Help Desk ticketing software enables you to see and access all customer requests from the same place. Use labels, priorities and internal notes to track issues and route tickets to relevant departments.

  • As simple as using email
  • Track who is working on what
  • Use labels, priorities, canned responses etc.

Reduce Tickets by up to 80%

Most customers prefer self service. Make them happy!

help desk ticketing system

Create a self-service help center that delights your customers by answering their questions instantly 24/7. A good knowledge base can reduce tickets by up to 80%, keeping support costs down. Employees also have instant access to an internal knowledge base, making them smarter. ProProfs service desk ticketing system integrated with knowledge base can power your help center, tool tips, documentation, guides & manuals

  • Provide 24/7 help
  • Never answer the same question again
  • Smarter agents & teams

Resolve Tickets Instantly Via Chat

Delightful support is instant, and live chat makes that happen

Resolve Tickets Instantly Via Chat

Speedy responses lead to delighted customers, and our chat solution puts instant support right on your website. Agents can quickly answer questions in real-time from their desk or mobile app, ensuring customers get what they need, when they need it. Free help desk ticketing systems like ProProfs remembers each customer including who they are and their chat history, so your agents can provide personalized support.

  • Easily add chat to web pages
  • Chat anytime, anywhere
  • More leads & delighted customers

Improve Performance with Smart Reports

Get happier customers by tracking performance of agents & tickets

Our real-time customer surveys make it easy for customers to rate their service experience immediately. You can monitor help desk ratings over time and keep track of your agents’ performance as a group and individually. You also get ProProfs Survey Maker, our survey tool, integrated with help desk ticketing system software. Create customer surveys and NPS (Net Promoter Score) surveys to measure customer delight and capture feedback. Improve customer service where it counts with targeted training and management.

  • NPS & surveys to get customer insights
  • Customer ratings for tickets, chats & help articles
  • Reports & analytics to help you monitor performance

Train Customers & Agents Online

Smarter employees & happier customers
service desk management software for training

ProProfs Training Maker gives you easy tools to build delightful training courses for customers and agents. You can create beautifully branded online courses with documents, videos, articles etc. Your agents will get smarter, faster, and serve customers better. Customers can get trained on their own schedules, reducing the burden on your support teams. Embedded quizzes help you gauge retention and make improvements.

  • Train customers & employees
  • Assess knowledge gaps with quizzes
  • Keep track of who takes your courses

We are making a difference for millions like you

Help Desk Customers Help Desk Customers


 Help Desk for Customer Support

Track issues and provide solutions faster with our customer support help desk software.

help desk shared inbox

Collaborate and resolve tickets faster with ticket prioritization, team commenting, and canned responses.

Help Desk Trouble Ticketing System

Collate all customer-facing emails with our smart trouble ticketing software for a delightful experience.


  • Track Tickets Track Tickets

    Never lose a ticket again, always know who is working on what.

  • Prioritize Tickets Prioritize Tickets

    Make sure the most critical tickets get solved first.

  • Solve Tickets Solve Tickets

    Canned responses & knowledge base make it easy to solve tickets.

  • Share Knowledge Share Knowledge

    Customers love self-service knowledge base resources.

  • Instant Support Instant Support

    Allow customers to chat with you right on your website.

  • Train Agents & Customers Train Agents & Customers

    Train customers & agents with online training courses.

  • Simple & Easy Simple & Easy

    For all skill levels. No software download or HTML skills needed.

  • Anytime, Anywhere Access Anytime, Anywhere Access

    View & access support tools on laptops, tablets or smartphones.

  • Scalable Scalable

    A robust solution that can scale with you as your business grows.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a help desk software?

Help desk software is an extremely useful tool for customer support. It makes it easy for customers to reach out to you, while your agents find it helpful as they can collaborate, resolve the question, and respond instantly. Here’s a quick guide for you to learn in detail What Is a Help Desk Software?

How does a help desk work?

Help Desk is a very simple customer support system. Here’s how it works - all your customer-facing requests display as emails on a shared inbox. Based on the nature of a request, it gets assigned to relevant teams automatically. Once the request is resolved and responded to, the ticket stands closed. Here’s a quick video guide for you to learn How Does Help Desk Work?

How to set up a help desk support system

Setting up your help desk support system is easy. You can easily create separate inboxes for different functions such as support, sales, billing, etc. on a single dashboard, now import your customer-facing emails, add agents, assign inboxes to them, and set roles and permissions. Watch this quick video to learn How to Set up a Help Desk Support System.

What are the benefits of using a help desk?

There are multiple benefits of using a help desk - 1) Keep customer requests, feedback, and queries in one place 2) easily set roles and permissions 3) improve brand image 4) increase customer satisfaction 5) track agent data to determine their proficiency at handling tickets 6) and never miss a customer question again. Here’s a quick read for you to know about the Benefits of Using a Help Desk.

How much does a help desk cost?

ProProfs Help Desk starts at $0 (forever free plan), which you can upgrade anytime based on your requirements. You can go for a free trial of the premium version to check how it works in its full-fledged avatar. Here's the link to its pricing page that you may visit to know How Much Does Help Desk Cost.

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