X Men Villains Word Search Puzzle

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Marvel Comic created X-Men who were a group of make-believe characters who had super abilities. Their villains, unfortunately, had super abilities too. Most of the characters in the X-men including the villains were mutants. Magento is one villain of the X-men who can has the power to manipulate magnetic things. Pyro is another villain of the X-men who can manipulate fire. Most of the names of the villains related to their super ability. Phat was an overweight character who died while ingesting a bomb. The X-men villains also are seen in the X-men movies as well. Some of the villains were portrayed in the movies involving a historical event.

Words In This Word Search

Phat, Pyro, Glob Herman, Toad, Magneto, Quill, Spike, Juggernaut, Sabretooth, Pslocke

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