Practice With The "f" Sound Word Search Puzzle

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English can be a tricky language, and one of the things that make it tricky is the fact that different letters and letter combinations can make the same sounds. If you’re still practicing your English language skills, this fun word search puzzle will give you a little bit of practice with words that make the "F" sound. Of course, not all of them will include the letter F, so see if you can find these often tricky words hidden in our puzzle! Some words will have the "F" sound at the beginning of the word, while others will have it at the end or in the middle. Good luck!

Words In This Word Search

Infant, Elephant, Fame, Fun, Feature, Photo, Physics, Pharmacy, Roof, Cliff, Dolphin, Triumph, Rough, Cough, Tough, Affair, Lift, Enough, Different, Famous, Friend, Family, Fabulous, Half, Proof

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