Words Ending In Ies Word Search Puzzle

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There are two main types of words that end in ies. One type is making a singular noun plural that ends in y. This is the most common type. Take the y away and add es. Another type which is not as common is a word that already ends in ies. The word is already singular. For instance, Aries is a word that is already singular even though it ends in ies. Most of the time words that end in a consonant and then y, it must be changed the y to i and add es. Some of these words include baby to babies, cry to cries and fly to flies.

Words In This Word Search

Factories, Memories, Lorries, Babies, Bodies, Pasties, Pastries, Teddies, Curries, Lollies, Fries, Cries, Dries, Pries, Cherries, Berries, Nappies, Batteries, Ferries, Calamities, Parties, Empties, Stories, Carries, Hurries, Replies, Supplies, Denies, Studies, Ladies, Skies, Remedies

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