Words Ending In "el" Word Search Puzzle

There are many words that end in "el." However, sometimes adding the ending makes a single syllable word into a double syllable word. For instance, towel is now a two-syllable word when "el" is added. Other examples of this include gravel, label, and dowel. Sometimes, "el" is added to a word complete the syllable. So, these words only have one syllables including steel, feel, and peel. These meanings of these words are very diverse. Some of the words relate to tools or tool parts like shovel and dowel. Others are materials like gravel and steel. Caramel is a food and towel is made of fabric.

Words In This Word Search

Steel, Dowel, Label, Caramel, Gravel, Wheel, Towel, Squirrel, Shovel, Gravel, Fuel, Tinsel

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