Three Letter Words Word Search Puzzle

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In this word search puzzle, you are looking for three letter words. Here are some clues to help you along! Look for a unit of currency in North Korea starts with J. The container in which old-fashioned apple cider is sold starts with J. An airplane that is faster than one with propellers, starts with J. Rules of civilization written down starts with L. The fleshy edge of the opening of the mouth starts with L. A piece of wood off a tree that s burned in a fireplace starts with L. A specific piece of land for sale starts with L. A preposition meaning the object of. or purpose of, starts with F. And the last word is the opposite of old, and starts with N.

Words In This Word Search

Jim, Jun, Jug, Jet, Law, Lip, Log, Lot, Lei, Lot, For, New

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