The Thirteenth Year Word Search Puzzle

The Thirteenth Year is a lesser known Disney movie, made by Disney Channel Original Movie, and was released in 1999. It is about Cody Griffin, a teenager who's mother was a mermaid, and left him on the Griffin's boat. After his 13th birthday he starts to feel different, and that is why you need to watch this movie It is a funny, magical and interesting film, filled with characters you will love and scenes you will remember. More so there are cast members in there you may know from other movies Kristen Stewart, Chez Starbuck, Tim Redwine and Courtnee Draper to name a few. Who can you find in this puzzle?

Words In This Word Search

Cody Griffin, Jess Wheatley, Sam, Sean Marshall, Whit Griffin, Sharon Griffin, Coach, Mermaid, Hal, Joe

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