The History Of Computers Word Search Puzzle

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Computers are devices that can be instructed to carry out a set of operations automatically. Giving computers the ability to follow a program make them very applicable to a wide array of task. When thinking of computers we generally visualize a desktop computer or your laptop, but there is actually a computer in all of your electronic devices; i.e. phones, games consoles, microwaves, cars, washing machine, etc. essentially whatever you can think of, and that long line of computers began long before the devices of the 20th century with such simple inventions like the tally stick, the abacus and the planisphere. Can you spot some of these words related to the history of computers?

Words In This Word Search

Notebookpascaline, Eniac, Robotics, Desktop, Laptop, Minicomputers, Abacus, Cpu, Transistor, Vacuumtubes

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