Sun, Moon And Earth Word Search Puzzle

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The sun is a large ball of fire in the sky. The sun’s main purpose for Earth is to help plants grow. It also provides people Vitamin D. However, too much sun can cause cancer or a sunburn. So, sun can be hurtful as well. The moons appears in different phases in the night sky. Full moons look very bright in the night sky and can help somewhat to bring light at night. The Earth is a planet that rotates around the sun. It sustains life and is part of the Milky Way solar system. No one can travel to the sun because it is too hot, but some astronauts have traveled to the moon in the past. If you are in space, you can see Earth.

Words In This Word Search

Moon, Sun, Earth, Gravity, Atmosphere, Axis, Hemisphere, Rotation, Orbit, Waxing, Waning

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