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When silent letters are in a word, that makes it more difficult to spell a word. Usually a word is misspelled due to not hearing or pronouncing the silent letter when saying the word to yourself. Lots of words have a silent e, but usually the e is at the end of the word as in tame, sake, or name. When the e is silent at the end of a word, it usually means that the other vowel is a long vowel. These words that contained the silent e were not always silent when the language was first being put together. In Old English, sometimes the e was pronounced. There are many television programs and songs for children that describe the silent e rule.

Words In This Word Search

Aspirin, Business, Chocolate, Different, Evening, Knife, Know, Knock, Plumber, Write, Thumb, Talk, Walk, Sign, Every, Marriage, Omelette, Restaurant, Several, Wednesday, Comfortable, Interesting, Secretary, Temperature, Usually, Vegetable

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