Words Ending In "shun"

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There are many words that end in the pronunciation of "shun." These endings are sometimes misspelled because it does not look like that is the way to spell a word. When these endings are added to words, they become nouns. For instance, communicate is a very meaning to get a message across to someone or something else. When tion is added to communicate, it becomes communication. Communication means the act of getting the message across to someone else. It is the same definition just a different part of speech. Other words that end in shun include permission, commission, beautician, and Dalmatian.

Words In This Word Search

Electrician, Beautician, Nation, Election, Friction, Politician, Musician, Addition, Expression, Passion, Profession, Discussion, Decision, Condition, Asian, Persian, Suspicion, Fashion, Magician, Mention, Dalmatian, Optician, Technician, Admission, Accommodation, Promotion, Description, Occasion, Commission, Session, Mathematician, Permission, Recession

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