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Do you know all of Mickey Mouse’s movies and short films? Have you seen Fantasia? Is it in this word search? Have a look Mickey Mouse is Disney’s official mascot and the most recognised cartoon character worldwide. He is known for his white gloves, red shorts, yellow shoes and big ears. He was created by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks in 1928, appearing in Plane Crazy and Steamboat Willie. Are these films hiding in this word search? Though his appearance has evolved and become rebranded, he is the favourite character in the world of Disney, and he was how Walt Disney took off his movie making business. Let’s find all his animations now.

Words In This Word Search

Fantasia, Karnival Kid, Goofy Movie, Plane Crazy, Mickeys Rival, The Pointer , Runaway Brain, Get A Horse, Moose Hunters, Mickey Parrot, On Ice

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