Sad Words Word Search Puzzle

Sad can mean different things. Most of the time sad is when some is not happy. But it seems like there are different levels of sadness, so there are many different words meaning sad. Sad people could be disappointed by something or regretful for something they have done. People could be despondent caused by sadness or gloomy from a long feeling of sadness. Some of the more extreme sad words include suicidal and morbid. However, some sad words show action with wailing and grieving. Colorful words are considered sad like being blue or black. These dark colors relate to sadness. Other words can be less harsh like unquiet or uneasy.

Words In This Word Search

Down, Blue, Somber, Unhappy, Morose, Sad, Bitter, Gloomy, Forlorn, Cheerless, Dismal, Wistful

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