Rocking With Rocks Word Search Puzzle

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Rocks are found everywhere. They can be functional by using them as a paperweight or by decorating a rock garden. However, there are different kinds of rocks. Some rocks are harder in texture while others break apart. The main types of rocks include igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Igneous rocks can be found near volcanoes because they are usually associated with lava or magma. Sedimentary rocks are known to be located in the center of the Earth and usually contain parts of minerals or organisms embedded in them. Other rocks that undergo a change are usually classified into metamorphic rocks. Within each classification, there are different types of each rock.

Words In This Word Search

Rock, Cycle, Minerals, Petrified, Wood, Sedimentary, Trees, Mississippi, Histroy, Rocks, Metamorphic, Fools, Gold, River, Fossil, Lava, Temperature, Mountain, Erision, Volcano

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