Peer Pressure Word Search Puzzle

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Today, teenagers are pressured into many things including drugs or alcohol. Peer pressure is now being seen on the computer in chat rooms and on social media. One way to fight peer pressure is for parents to communicate the importance of being focused and not giving in to peer pressure. Instilling values and beliefs into their children as well as promoting high self-esteem can prevent children from succumbing to the pressures that teens face. If teens are pressured by their peers to do drugs or alcohol, they can ruin their lives. These pressures have lifelong consequences. Focusing on sports or other hobbies may make it easier to deal with peer pressure.

Words In This Word Search

Peers, Pressure, Pupils, People, Handling, Influnence, Friends, Aquaintances, Social, Skills, School, Home, Youth, Clubs, Positive, Negative, Academic, Choices, Misbehaviour, Smoking, Alcohol, Fighting, Stealing, Drugs, Motivate, Eating, Healthy, Doing, Stuff, May, Also, Right, Wrong, Sport, Making, Yourself, Try, It, Check, Listen, Act, What

Peer Pressure