Muscle Anatomy Word Search

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Muscle is a tissue composed of fibers that have the ability to contract, and producing movement in the body. Muscle includes Occipital muscle which is a muscle that cover part of the skull, Ciliary muscle is a ring of smooth muscle in the eye's middle layer that controls and accommodate viewing objects at varying distances, Auriculares muscle is located between the ear and the eye, Masseter muscle is a thick, rectangular muscle of mastication, Buccinator muscle is the major facial muscle underlying the check to the teeth and assist with chewing. Other muscle such as Frontails, Nasalis, Mentalis can be found in this word search.

Words In This Word Search

Occipitalis, Frontalis, Ciliary, Auriculares, Nasalis, Mentalis, Buccinator, Masseter, Temporalis, Genioglossus

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