Word Related To Marketing Word Search Puzzle

Marketing is the study of exchange relationships by creating, developing, communicating, and exchanging offering for customers, clients, partners, corporations, and society. There are two kinds of marketing environments – the macro-environment which consists of the economic, social, and political or technological phenomena, and the micro-environment which consists of the customers, consumers, employees, suppliers, and the media. In Marketing 1 Chapter 5.1, there are essential terms that you will encounter such as, but not limited to: patent which protects an invention for twenty years; monopoly which means a sole firm or corporation controls the market; profit which is the money earned from conducting the business after all costs and expenses have been paid or settled; trademark which protects a word, name, or symbol that represents the company; supply which is the amount of good that producers are willing to supply; and demand which is the willingness of the consumers to purchase the goods. There are other words hidden in this word search. Can you find them all?

Words In This Word Search

Price Competition, Competition, Free Enterprise System, Nonprice Competition, Patent, Monopoly, Trademark, Business Risk, Copyright, Profit, Supply, Demand

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