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Keyboarding is the act of typing information into a computer through the keyboard. The keyboard is an input unit in a computer which can be used to input or type in documents, numbers or typing lists and other mathematical functions into the computer. Modern computer keyboards use the QWERTY keyboard layout. The QWERTY layout was initially designed for manual typewriters by Christopher Sholes all the way back in 1872. He purposely selected a physical layout that is hard to type, so that typing speeds would be reduced! This was needed to lessen the jamming of "hammers" used to create individual letters on manual typewriters. Some interesting facts about keyboarding are; the longest English words that can be typed with the keys of one row only include typewriter and rupturewort. Enjoy this puzzle.

Words In This Word Search

Hardware, Floppy, Surge, Mouse, Monitor, Keyboard, Icon, Computer

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