Jewelscent Word Word Search Puzzle

Jewelscent is a company founded in 2013, by someone who decided to take a different path in life after graduating from UCLA with a degree in Math and Economics, and opting to join the family jewellery business. It makes a variety of scented products, that each come with a hidden surprise in addition to what you’ve paid for. With Jewelscent, every product up for purchase contains a hidden jewel valued anywhere between $15 and $7500. These products include soy blend candles, aroma beads, Moroccan oil soaps, body scrubs and wax tarts. They also sell rings. Take a look for the words associated with Jewelscent in this word search!

Words In This Word Search

Wax, Tarts, Aroma, Beads, Signature, Candle, Classic, Jewels, Hand, Soap, Body, Scrub, Jewelscent, Consultant, Party, Fundraiser, Commission, Credits, Order, Aromatherapy, Scents, Bling


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