After Twenty Years Vocabulary

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After Twenty Years is a world-renowned short story by O. Henry from his ‘The Four Million’ collection, originally released in 1906. The story centres on the character of a man from New York, who returns to his home city after a long time away in order to meet an appointment made with a childhood friend twenty years prior. The reunion is met with the realisation that these two men have led very different lives, and it proves difficult for both parties involved. See if you can find some of the more prominent words used by Henry in the text in this word search.

Words In This Word Search

Habitual, Intricate, Vicinity, Reassuring , Egotism , Simultaneously, Correspond, Sensible, Existence, Absurd, Proposition, Thoroughfare, Destiny, Hustling, Staunch, Plodder, Drizzle, Dismay, Fate, Moderately

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