Help The Aristocats Lost In This Word Search Puzzle

The Aristocats, a play on Artiocrats, was released by Disney in 1970, following the story of a cat family who are kidnapped and left lost and far away from home, by evil butler Edgar. Duchess, Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse meet an array of laughable characters on their journey home to their beloved Madame Bonfamille. There is Thomas O'Malley, the geese Ameila and Abigail, the Scrat Cat group and of course Napoleon and Lafayette the hounds. This story is such a bundle of laughs, that any cat lover or Disney lover will enjoy it. Which character will you find first in this word search?

Words In This Word Search

Berlioz, Duchess, Uncle Waldo, Scat Cat, Toulouse, Shun Gon, Frou Frou, Marie, Peppo, Billy Boss, Hit Cat

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