6th Grade English Word Search Puzzle

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In 6th grade English, students usually begin learning about how to write a five-paragraph essay. All of the components of the essay are taught in 6th grade. Also, students will read short stories and nonfiction articles and then reflect on those pieces. Another skill that is learned in 6th grade English class includes narrative writing. Prior to writing these stories, the students analyze short stories about the plot, characterization and conflict. Then they begin writing their own short stories. Occasionally, students are taught spelling, other grammar and vocabulary skills. While reading, students usually figure out the main idea and important details in a story.

Words In This Word Search

Acknowledge, Dejectedly, Destination, Leisurely, Fanfare, Ignorance, Expedition, Harpoon, Lagoon, Phosphorus, Reef, Except, Expect, Invisible, Sudden, Apt, Ardent, Deprivation, Menial, Proposition, Resentful, Stamina, Surveyor, Tyranny, Validate, Plot, Theme, Characters, Setting, Conflict, Motivation, Making, Meanings, Discussion, Reflecting, Visualizing, Performing, Observing

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