Fun With Double-letter Words Word Search Puzzle

A double-letter word is a word that contains at least one instance where a letter is used twice consecutively, often resulting in a syllable that somewhat emphasizes the sound of the message duplicated. If you think about it, you could sit for hours, even days, thinking of double-letter words of all definitions. Whether it’s for animals such as the Aardvark, the Eel or the Llama, or verbs like ooze, the use of one letter twice in a row tends to give the word a little added oomph – which just so happens to be another excellent example of a double-letter word.

Words In This Word Search

Ooze, Llano, Llama, Eel, Oofish, Oolite, Oomph, Oops, Oozy, Aardwolf, Oompah, Aardvark

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