Four Letter Words Starting With 'z' Word Search Puzzle

This is a puzzle containing four letter words starting with “Z.” Here is a clue to find them. A horse neither gray nor white in color, it is dark in color with no spots. An imaginary perfect place initially captured King David. A Turkish chief who supports a militia bearing his name. A battle in 202 BC in which Scipio defeated Hannibal. The plural of the way of compressing files so they take up less space. A feeling of intense eagerness. An ancient Iranian language. A Greek philosopher who founded the Stoic school. An initial point value. A domesticated ox having a humped back. The 6th letter of the Greek alphabet. A vigorous and enthusiastic enjoyment. An ornamental metal cup-shaped holder for a hot coffee cup. A nitrogenous substance of the nature of gluten, obtained from the seeds of Indian corn.

Words In This Word Search

Zink, Zoom, Zone, Zero , Zest , Zany, Zeal , Zips , Zoos, Zees, Zuma

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