Find Four Letter Words Beginning With Word Search Puzzle

The words in this puzzle are four letters long and begin with the letter W, can find them all? When the object of a sentence is someone and you are talking about him, you use this word. Stepping one foot in front of the other as you jaunt through a park. With two eyes at the same time you blink, with just one eye you do this. Seven days in a row make up this. Got out of bed to start your day. To do a job or complete a task. The opposite of strong, for example, when a tea is brewed with old leaves. You cannot be a husband without one. Comfortably cozy and not too hot. To be accompanied by or possessing. To hope for, perhaps on a star, or by tossing a coin in a fountain. The nemesis of the three little pigs and Red Riding Hood.

Words In This Word Search

Whom, Walk, Wink, Week, Woke, Work, Weak , Wife, Warm, With, Wish, Wolf

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