Drop The 'e' Rule Word Search Puzzle

To put an end to word, some words require you to drop the e before adding the ending. For instance, to make the phrase loving, you need to cut the 'e' from love to make love and then add the ending ing to it. This makes the word love. Other examples of dropping the e include adding the ending er to the concept. For instance, bake must have the 'e' dropped before adding the ending er to make the word baker. Other terms that apply to this rule include adding the endings 'ible' or 'able' to the end. To make it sensible, the 'e' must be dropped. Solve this word search puzzle. All the best!

Words In This Word Search

Having, Making, Changing, Writing, Moved, Noticeable, Sensible, Agreeing, Seeing, Imagination, Writable, Manager, Manageable, Managing, Excitable, Using, Used, Servicing, Serviceable, Giving, Sizeable, Sizing, Improving, Exciting, Forgivable, Forgiving, Likeable, Liking, Believable, Believing, Excited, Coming, Argument, Excitement, Arrangement, Eyeing, Storing, Movable, Loving

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