Clay Word Search Puzzle

Clay is a substance that is primarily used to create different artistic objects. Clay is a soft material that can be molded and shaped into different objects. Sometimes, people will use clay to make into vases and bowls. This is called pottery. The artist will take the clay and use water. They will place the clay on a potter’s wheel. The wheel spins around as the artist shapes the clay into a bowl or something else. The artist can draw designs into the clay before it dries. The clay is fired in a kiln so that it will dry hard. Clay can also be molded into statues and other decorative pieces.

Words In This Word Search

Coil, Coiling, Ceramics, Firing, Form, Glaze, Hollowing, Kneading, Kiln, Modelling, Pinching, Pottery, Plasticity, Scoring, Slip, Shape, Temperature, Texture, Wedging


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