Characters From Shake IT Up Word Search Puzzle

Shake It Up was an American sitcom on the Disney Channel - starring Bella Thorne and Zendaya - following the characters of CeCe Jones and Rocky Blue, who starred as background dancers on a local show in their hometown of Chicago. The series would chronicle the adventures – and often misadventures – of life on and off the set, trying to cope with the difficulties of work and their rising social status in school. In this word search, you’ll be tasked with locating a number of iconic names from the show, including Cece and Rocky, as well as Flynn Jones, Ty Blue, Tinka, Deuce and Gunther!

Words In This Word Search

Cece Jones, Rocky Blue, Ty Blue, Gunther, Tinka , Flynn Jones, Logan Hunter, Deuce , Dina Garcia, Henry Dillon, Gary Wilde, Georgia

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