Cell Organelles

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The cellular-biological term cell organelle refers to the specialised subunit within a cell that carries out a particular function. They get their name given how their importance to the cell is akin to any given organ’s importance in the body, in that they carry out specific tasks that are necessary in maintaining a healthy and scientifically normal lifespan. There are many cell organelles in the body, particular in eukaryotic cells. Some examples of cell organelles include the nuclei, nucleoli, cytosol, centrosome, centriole, golgi, lysosome, peroxisome, membrane, mitochondrion, wall, vacuole, chloroplast, ribosome and the cytoskeleton. See how many you can spot in this cellular puzzle.

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Nucleus, Nucleolus, Cytosol, Centrosome, Centrioles, Golgi, Lysosome, Peroxisome, Membrane, Mitochondrion, Vacuole, Wall, Chloroplast, Ribosomes, Cytoskeleton

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