Business Ethics Vocabulary Word Search Puzzle

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Having a strong ethical behavior is good not only for small businesses, but also for large corporations. Business ethics applies to the conduct of employees and the business itself. As employers, their goal is to create a culture that is both pleasant and approachable to customers and employees. One would simply ask if a business practice is morally right or wrong or if someone else’s action conforms to the business’ values. When we talk about business ethics, it applies to the whole department – human resources, finance, marketing, sales, or operation. If a business does not have a strong business ethics, customers will leave and will no longer recommend it to other people.

Words In This Word Search

Retaliation, Warning, Ethics, Principles, Programs, Employees, Reporting, Violations, Policies, Misconduct, Observed, Culture, Standards, Scandals, Supervisors, Pressure, Moral, Capital, Morality, Universality

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