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Family Game Puzzle

With everyone’s busy schedule, you may not have time during the week to sit and have family time, but during the weekend, it’s family game night! A few family game classics include Scrabble, Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble, and Life. There’s nothing like spending quality time with your family and having a good time. With all the technology, such as computers, cell phones, and tablets, it’s difficult...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 752913

What's Your Favorite Color

Have you ever worn your favorite color dress or outfit of a certain color, and you get many compliments of it being "your color"? This simply means the color you are wearing flatters you. In other instances, "your color" is based on your personality, also known as personality science. You can find a lot of different personality quizzes on the internet. These quizzes will ask you 5 or more questions...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 432926

Rocking With Rocks

Rocks are found everywhere. They can be functional by using them as a paperweight or by decorating a rock garden. However, there are different kinds of rocks. Some rocks are harder in texture while others break apart. The main types of rocks include igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks. Igneous rocks can be found near volcanoes because they are usually associated with lava or magma. Sedimentary...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 16955

One Direction Rock-music Band

This is a word search puzzle for the English-Irish pop boy band ‘One Direction.’ The band consists of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Louis Tomlinson. They also had Zayn Malik before he departed in 2015. Some of the interesting facts about this all boy band are; All the 5 boys of One Direction appeared separately in the reality show of X- Factor but failed to make it and It is also interesting...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 15765

List Fruit Word Search Games Puzzle

Bananas, grapes, strawberries, melons, and oranges are all fruits we are familiar with. Fruits are naturally sweet and taste great. Not only are they tasty, they are part of a balanced diet. One thing you need to be aware of with fruit is their acidity. They can cause the enamel on your teeth to dissolve which could lead to cavities and other dental health problems. Too much acidity can cause heart...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 13314

Computers Puzzle And The Technology Of The World

Computers are used in everyday life. You can use this technology to send emails, text messages, and pictures to friends and relatives. PCs can be used to shop online and work. PCs have improved a lot since the first one was created. As time progressed, computers got smaller and had a lot more features thanks to many advances in technology and software. Our economy depends on these data processing machines...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 12430

The Ultimate Gift

The Ultimate Gift is a movie that was released in 2012. It is about a spoiled young man whose grandfather dies. When the will is read, the spoiled grandson expects to receive his grandfather’s large sum of money, but instead the grandfather requires the boy to do some soul-searching before receiving his money. The boy who is played by Drew Fuller takes an adventure where he meets several people including...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 6484

The Batman Hero:the Superhero Of All Time

Batman is a DC Comic superhero that made his debut in Detective Comics #27 in 1939. Batman is referred to by many names, including the Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, and the World’s Greatest Detective. Batman, the secret identity of Bruce Wayne, was created when his parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne were killed when he was a child. Since that tragic night, Batman had a vendetta against criminals....
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 4182

Powerpoint Key Words

Powerpoints are part of Microsoft office. People use powerpoints mainly for presentations and to explain information to a group of people. There are slides where people type in information or put in pictures. Videos may also be imported into a powerpoint presentation. The presentation can also be decorative. People can add borders and they can also add in animation where the slides move from one slide...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 3950

Harry Potter Puzzle 2

Harry Potter Word Search Game
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 3331

All About Justin Bieber List

Ever since being discovered by Usher as a YouTube singing sensation in 2008, Justin Bieber has been known all over the globe for his contributions to the world of pop music. He has millions of fans worldwide and as he’s grown up into an adult through the industry, his music has transitioned from the raw pop that made millions of teenage girls fall in love with the teen idol, into a more electronic...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 2681

Silent Letters Puzzle

When silent letters are in a word, that makes it more difficult to spell a word. Usually a word is misspelled due to not hearing or pronouncing the silent letter when saying the word to yourself. Lots of words have a silent e, but usually the e is at the end of the word as in tame, sake, or name. When the e is silent at the end of a word, it usually means that the other vowel is a long vowel. These...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 2240
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 1987

Basic Terms Related To Computers

There are many parts to the computer. However, since the computer has changed over the years, so have the parts of the computer. When the personal computer became a common invention in every household, it usually included a monitor that usually sat on the desk with a rectangular CPU that sat next to the monitor or sometimes on the floor. A mouse and keyboard had to be hooked up to the computer. Sometimes,...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 1970

Dr Pepper Word Search Puzzle

Can you find all the Dr Pepper-related terms in this puzzle before the time runs out?
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 1708

World History Puzzle

The questions are the
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 1603

What's In Your Living Room?

What do you have in your living room? Every home is different, but there are a few things that are present in most living rooms. This fun and simple word search puzzle contains the names of a few things that you might find in a basic living room. Some of the items are likely found in your home as well. Others may be a bit more unique. See if you can find all of the words that we’ve hidden here. You...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 1373

Computer Parts Games

Basic input and output devices
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 1240

The Internet And The World Wide Web

The Internet has largely become synonymous with the World Wide Web (WWW) for most people, but the internet existed long before the web, and supports many more protocols than Hypertext Transfer Protocol (http), the protocol that powers the web. The internet, originally called ARPANET (for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network) was invented in the 1960s and funded by the US Department of Defense....
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 1197

Fruity Word Search

Here’s one for the kids out there! Learning about the different kinds of fruit? Well, look no further, because trying to spot all the ones you know in this fruity puzzle will be a great help to your boost in knowledge, and getting these fruits locked into your memory. Sometimes a visual aid can be too easy, given how fruit is iconic for coming in a plethora of varieties, in terms of shape, size,...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 1172

Words Ending In Ies

There are two main types of words that end in ies. One type is making a singular noun plural that ends in y. This is the most common type. Take the y away and add es. Another type which is not as common is a word that already ends in ies. The word is already singular. For instance, Aries is a word that is already singular even though it ends in ies. Most of the time words that end in a consonant and...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 1159

The Animal Kingdom

In this word search, you’ll be tasked with locating a host of the world’s most recognisable animals, with one or two surprises thrown in there too! Can you spot the predators of the animal kingdom; the tiger and the lion? How about your more common household pets in the dog and the cat? Farm animals like the goat and the cow are just waiting to be found. How about your sea creatures in the fish...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 1155

On Your Computer Desktop

Computers are an essential part of most people’s everyday lives. We use them for school, work, communication, and personal entertainment. If you’re viewing this page, then you obviously know how to use a computer yourself. Well, this fun word search puzzle is all about that remarkable tool called the computer—particularly, about your computer’s desktop screen. We’ve hidden words that describe...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 883

Word Search: Pets Puzzle

activity for Plan Ceibal
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 832

Despicable Me Characters Word Search

Despicable Me is an animated movie created in 2010 about Gru who has powers as a villain but he is upset when a famous pyramid is stolen. So, advice from Dr. Nefario, is to steal the moon. Gru needs money to do this. Mr. Perkins, the owner of the Bank of Evil, will only lend the money to Gru is he can find a shrink ray. Gru and his Minions are able to do this. Unfortunately, Vector, another villain,...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 808

Physical And Chemical Changes

This puzzle will set its sights on the different words associated with physical and chemical changes. Chemical change is any change in substance that results in the formation of new, or additional substances. With chemical change, the bonds between atoms are made or broken at a molecular level, altering the internal structure of that being changed. Physical change, on the other hand, involves the rearranging...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 743

The Voice Of Truth Ministry Word Search

The Voice of Truth Ministry is a weekly thirty-minute broadcast of Pastor L.R. Shelton, Sr.'s messages in America and Northern Ireland. It aired under the ministry called Radio Missions which discusses the Book of Revelation and teaches the premillennial view of eschatology, a part of theology concerned with final events of history or the ultimate destiny of humankind. The Voice of Ministry's primary...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 714

Celebrity Word Search Puzzle

Celebrities are those individuals and groups around the world whom garner the fame and public attention accorded of the media as a result of their accomplishments, either through pivotal career choices such as music, film and sport, or association with other well-known people and their actions under the spotlight of the media. Although the word "celebrity" is more typically associated with those of...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 709

The Twilight Saga Series

The Twilight Saga is a series of five fantasy films adapted from the novels of the same name by Stephanie Meyer. This story focuses on Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) as she arrives in the town of Forks, Washington and meets the strangely hypnotic character of Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), whom she later discovers to be a vampire. When a budding romance ensues between the two, efforts must be taken...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 656

Family Tour

It can be played by any one.
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 605

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