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Michael Jackson Word Search

Michael Jackson is one of the most iconic musicians in history. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone who doesn’t know his name. He broke into the music scene at a very young age as the youngest member of The Jackson 5. From the very beginning, he was a star, and he went on to pursue a solo career that lasted decades. Though a lot of controversy surrounds both his life and his death, his music speaks...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 648

#rptech - Sandisk Presents Wordoword

Win or Lose, Fun is our Cue
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 643

Find Ordinal Numbers

Ordinal numbers are the numbers that show placement in a sequence or line. They are written as 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on. There can also be written as words including fourth, fifth, and sixth. They are known for having the th on the end of the number or word. However, st is added to one or the first number. These numbers are based on the cardinal numbers but ordinal numbers are used to refer to when...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 631

Medical Coding And Billing

The practices of medical coding and billing are both heavily involved in the reimbursement cycle in the modern health care industry – which is aimed at ensuring all health care providers are paid for their services. These services include everything from identifying the symptoms of a patient, the diagnosis, the prescription of medication and everything in between. This information is recorded and...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 625
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 621

List Of Wild Animals

Wild animals or wildlife are undomesticated animals which grow and live in an area such as forests, deserts, and rainforests without interactions from humans. Other scientists, though, believe that wild animals are affected by human activities. There are different kinds of wild animals like leopards, cheetahs, gorillas, tigers, crocodiles, and zebras, to name a few. If people continue hunting wild...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 620

Family Tour

It can be played by any one.
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 610

Properties Of Matter Puzzle

Matter is anything that weighs an amount and takes up space. There are three main types of matter including solid, liquid and gas. These types of matter have different properties that make them different from the other types of matter. Solid and liquids can be seen with the eye. Gases can’t be seen. Solids do not change their shape, but both liquids and gases do change shape. The molecules in these...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 607

Computer Terms For 2nd Grade

Every computer follows certain commands in order to allow the computer user to access or perform the tasks. Certain terms are standard and are the common features on every type of computer. For instance, tab is a term where if the button is pushed, it will move the cursor over a number of spaces. Another term is that is common is the cursor. Every computer has a cursor that indicates where the user...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 601
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 572

Pronouns Puzzle

Pronouns have the same functionality as nouns. Pronouns are words that can function alone in a sentence. This is referred to as a noun phrase. Nouns can be substituted with pronouns, including they, it, you, I, that, many, few, someone, and many more. Pronouns can be indirect objects, subjects, and object of the prepositions. A few different types of pronouns include relative, demonstrative, indefinite,...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 571

Hetalia: Axis Powers

Hetalia: Axis Powers is a Japanese webcomic by Hidekaz Himaruya, which was later made into a manga and an anime series. The series prides itself on being an over-the-top allegory of political and historic events from around the globe – as well as more general cultural comparisons. Each of the series’ characters are the embodiment of real-life countries, regions and micronations. As one might expect,...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 570

Word For Games

There are many different kinds of games. Some games are played on paper by himself or herself. Crossword puzzles, word searches and Sudoku are games that one plays by answering a type of question or filling in the blanks. Other games are played on board games. These games usually have two or more people who compete against each other by answering questions or rolling a dice and moving their game pieces...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 558

Alice In Wonderland Game

Alice in Wonderland was made by Disney in 1951, and is based on the Alice books by Lewis Carroll. There are so many characters in this dark fantasy - did you know that a lot of children find Alice in Wonderland scary? I mean there is the grinning, disappearing Cheshire Cat, and other strange looking creatures in the forest. Or perhaps you enjoy this movie and wish you could have some tea with the Mad...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 542

Mini Family Guy Puzzle

The mini family guy is a series created by Seth MacFarlane. It is an American animated sitcom which centers on a family called the Griffins. The Griffins, a family of five; the parents and three children live in the fictional city of Quahog, Rhode Island. The film had its first debut in 1999, and since then, about 280 episodes have been released and are in circulation as we speak. Some of the achievements...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 537

How Much Do You Know About The Indian Gods?

The Republic of India is a country in the Asian continent. India is the second most populous country on planet earth. As at 2013, the Indian population has an estimate of about 1.2 billion people. And as expected, where a such number of individuals thrive, there must reflect different views on religion and the concept of God. You are to search and indicate the Indian deities therein this puzzle. This...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 536


Mongolia is a country that is located above China. The country has several different types of land including desert and grassy fields. The main religion in Mongolia is Buddhism. There are about three million people in Mongolia. The weather in Mongolia is fairly sunny for many days of the year. The main language in Mongolia is Mongolian. Almost all of the people speak this language in this country....
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 523

Mood And Tone Words

Mad, sad, thrilled, excited - there is a countless variety of ways to express how one is feeling at any given moment. A person’s mood is an emotional state that differs from emotions, and is generally looked at as being either positive or negative ("I’m in a good/bad mood today"). It is a subjective state, but a person’s body language has been known to sometimes imply what sort of mood a person...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 510

Alamo Word Search

Find all of the words listed in the word search. One of these words will be a ONE WORD clue.
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 506

Ecosystem Word Search

Ecosystems are all around us. They are the interaction of things that are alive and things that not considered alive. The living things like plants and animals are affected by these nonliving things like weather and atmosphere. They both must interact together in order for the living things to survive. Sometimes, outside factors may disturb or disrupt both the living and nonliving things. These become...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 505

3 Billy Goat Gruffs

3 Billy Goat Gruffs
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 490

Romans Road To Salvation

To further understand the Roman’s Road to Salvation, one could look in the Bible in the book of Romans. There are many verses that explain how someone can be saved through the faith with Jesus Christ. One of the verses is Romans 3:23 which states "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Another important verse is Romans 5:12 which states "therefore, just as through one main sin entered...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 484

Loving Family Word Search

find all the words\r\n
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 478

Family Word Related Puzzle

A family is usually made up of two parents including a mother and a father. They may be a small family or a large family with many children. These children are the brothers and sisters who usually live in the same house. These brothers and sisters fall under the category of siblings. The parents of the parents are called grandparents. Each parent has their own parents. So, a child may have four grandparents....
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 475

Three Skeleton Key

Three Skeleton Key is a classic story of terror by George G. Toudouze, about three men who are in a lighthouse when it is attacked by a horde of ravenous rats. The tale made its first appearance in English in the January 1937 edition of Esquire, with the magazine editor Arnold Gingrich discovering this suspenseful tale along with ‘Leiningen Versus the Ants’. Though Toudouze penned a great number...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 472

Pop Singers Name

There are many pop singers in the world today. One of the top pop singers who was actually called the King of Pop was Michael Jackson. He sang for most of his whole life starting when he was a young boy. Recently, some of the pop singers have move from another genre to this one. Katy Perry is one of those. She moved from singing Christian songs to singing pop songs like "Teenage Dream" and Wide Awake."...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 468

Le Letter Pattern

As contrived as it may seem at times, the English language does in fact consist of patterns that can come across quite naturally and can even help to remember an abundance of different words when learning it as a second language. In this case, we’ll look at the "-le" pattern. There seem to be countless words that end with "le", and it’s not tied down to one category either. Verbs, such as "settle",...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 467

Spanish Present Subjunctive Irregular Conjugation

The conjugation of verbs that are irregular and stem changing in the Present Subjunctive tense.
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 465

Celebrity Names List

A celebrity is a famous person. They may be famous for their achievements--like Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon. Or they may simply be famous for being famous--like Paris Hilton. Most often the word is used to refer to those who are well known in popular culture. Movie and TV stars are celebrities, as are pop singers and other major recording artists and prominent athletes. The...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 460

Disney Channel Characters

The Disney Channel is a cable television channel that features original television series and made-for-TV movies aimed at younger audiences (pre-teens and early teens). Among the many shows offered is Hannah Montanna (now in reruns) that launched the career of Miley Cyrus and the wildly popular High School Musical movie and its sequel. Although the Walt Disney Company was originally made famous by...
Difficulty: Easy
Attempts: 451